Our Promise:

Our Customers at Home

We understand that the mainstay of our business lies in the UK and Eire market. While we do export a significant percentage of our product, we will never jeopardize our UK customers, by selling UK stock abroad. Every part we stock is stocked for the UK market, and any export product bought is solely for export.

Our Customers Overseas

We are constantly contacted by worldwide customers, eager to be supplied by the UK's newest and most energetic wholesale distributor of air brake product. Whilst we do export a significant percentage of our product, all export is supplied on an order fulfilment basis, thus enabling us to quote you our very best prices. We realise that worldwide markets are more competitive, and this is reflected in our price to you.

We Supply You and not your Customer

You are the foundations of our company; we will not cut you out of the sales loop by going direct to your customers. We have heard more and more of our competitors doing just this. This is not how we have been brought up and we believe it is not the right way to do business. We, as a company, will never supply to your customers directly.

Technical Dedication

When a customer is in trouble that's when a supplier's knowledge is priceless. Whether it's as simple as an air relay problem on a single axle trailer, or an ECU problem on the latest EB+ version 3, FGH Air Brake will always endeavour to resolve any problems you or your customers may face. If in the unlikely event that we cannot solve the problem directly, we will always do our utmost to resolve the problem.