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Brief History

Haldex AB, also known as Haldex Group, is a Swedish public company operating in the automotive industry. It is listed on the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange (Mid Cap), and has an annual turnover of around 8 bn SEK.

Concentrating core activities in vehicle dynamics, the environment and safety, Haldex business operations are split into four divisions: Commercial Vehicle Systems, Garphyttan Wire, Hydraulic Systems, and probably its most-known (although smallest) division - Traction Systems - which is better known as Haldex Traction, and produces limited slip coupling.

The Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems (CVS) division operates in the commercial vehicle sector; specifically heavy trucks, trailers, and buses. It is the largest division of the Haldex Group, with a 57% share of Haldex operations in 2007. It develops and manufactures brake systems, covering all aspects, including air brakes.